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Sturdy, efficient units : Heating/ Smoking/ Cooking kilns

All too often neglected, and frequently reduced to its role as a preserving process, the smoking phase for salted products should now be a phase of subtle aromatization.

Our kilns are designed to provide a regular, homogeneous smoking process that preserves the product's texture, flavour, and colour, while ensuring that the products processed (meat, fish, cheeses, etc.) retain their microbiological stability.

The ventilation installed, which can be vertical or horizontal depending on the products processed, is based on our VARIO-FLUX system, which ensures full processing homogeneity.

Cooking Option:

Cooking and pasteurization of food involves precise, reliable heat treatments, to keep the textures, preserve the aromas, control cooking juices, and lengthen product conservation periods, while ensuring full hygiene and constant control of the cooking and pasteurizing values.

In this field, our efficient process provides homogeneous temperatures, fast cooking, regular cycles and improved efficiency. There are three possible types of cooking:

- Steam Cooking: Hams, shoulders, prepared dishes, fish, shellfish, etc., are processed using low-pressure steam distribution
(T <100°C).
- Dry Cooking: Terrines, pâtés, galantines, mousses, etc., are cooked using superheated dry air
(T up to 150°C as standard, 250°C as an option).
- Mixed Cooking: combining dry cooking and humidification to control process efficiency and product texture.

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